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Date Posted:03/01/2020 06:13:20Copy HTML

Hi Chip,

I was recently listening to a long time Toronto radio staple: "The Ongoing History of New Music", hosted by Allan Cross. The concept of the show is simple - Allan picks a topic, perhaps the history of a specific artist, a genre or a significant event and weaves together interesting stories and facts about it with relevant songs. The context makes the music so much more enjoyable and often allows you to appreciate it in new ways. You can probably see where I'm going with this... It dawned on me that you, Chip, would be perfect to do the same with the Ongoing History of Christmas Music. Obviously a Christmas show wouldn't make sense year round but a Podcast would be perfect! And with all the stations that go 24/7 Christmas in Nov/Dec, I'm sure there would be a market to license the content to them seasonally. Heck, you could probably easily do a multi-part series on the History of the Yule Log alone! Anyway, I wanted to share the idea with you. I really appreciate your incredible knowledge of Christmas music, your willingness to share it with this community and your ability to do so in such a succinct and engaging manor - I think it would be a perfect vehicle for you to extend your reach.

Cheers, and a late/early Merry Christmas to you!

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Re:The Ongoing History of Christmas Music

Date Posted:03/02/2020 02:49:28Copy HTML

Thank you for the kind words, David. And it's a meritorious idea that's certainly something to consider for the future.

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