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I am looking for any help on a question I am having on the Reader's Digest 4 LP set  Joyous Music for Christmas time.

There are several versions out there,  the most common RD-45M or RD-22K  has the cover that is all blue with a gold Cherub on it.  There seems to be two versions of this with different LP-4s   One with French and German Songs and the other version with  the title Carols we all Know and Love.

But another version has a different cover and the number RD-6S.  The cover on this one has a cartoon type cover with several characters singing around a lamp post.   It also has a logo of Cyclophonic  RD-6S

Best I can find from limited images the RD-6S appears to be a Canada release but date? and has the French/German LP-4.

Are my observations and assumptions correct,  the one with people standing around lamp post singing a Canada only release?

Steve aka OGO =Oh Great One
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Re:Reader's Digest Joyous Music for Christmas Time

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That's correct; catalog #RD-6S is the Canadian release.

Joyous Music For Christmas Time (RCA Custom Records ~ 1963)

*U.S. release: catalog #RD-22-K & #RD-45-M

*U.K. release: catalog #RDM-70

*Canadian release: catalog #RD-6S

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