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Dear Yule Loggers, and Christmas Music Fans,

I have some Christmas Music News to share. My dear friend David Umla, has composed a chorale that is making its way to a standard. David is the son of my high school chorus teacher, Mr. Walter Umla.  A few years ago, David, and I met via the “Power of The Yule” when I posted a very sentimental blog to his dad’s passing.  David replied, and soon enough,our interests in music led to a friendship. Since then, I’ve gone to hear David perform (he is an excellent Bass I singer) with The Bach Choir of Bethlehem (Pennsylvania). 

David composed “Sleep Well Thou Child of God” written in the Fall of 2001 in reaction to the tragic events of 9/11. It is both a chorale, and a lullaby. Personally, I love the song.  It is rich in the tones that are reminiscent of "Silent Night" but with a gentle rock/a/bye lullaby to it. I visualize a person holding a child, or a love one, and gently singing the song to them as means of calming them into gentle rest.  It's a song of blessing, of peace, and of comfort. The song has traveled the world performed from New York City to the Basilica of St. Ignatius in Rome, Italy. 

I am so pleased to write that The Bach Choir of Bethlehem (Pennsylvania) included David’s chorale in their recently minted Christmas CD “A Child’s Christmas in Bethlehem”, and will be performed live at their Christmas Concert this December.

You can read more about David, and the creation of “Sleep Well Thou Child of God” at the Bach Fall News 2013, page 4.

The Bach Choir of Bethlehem’s website 

The song,and the entire cd is available in digital format at both at itunes, and Amazon.  The cd may also be purchased from The Bach Choir of Bethlehem’s website. The sheet music may be purchased through Paraclete Press. 

The live performance of “A Child’s Christmas in Bethlehem” by The Bach Choir of Bethlehem will take place on Saturday, December 7th, and Sunday, December 8thin the Bethlehem area of PA. I highly recommend their concerts. It's just a phenomenal experience to take in. Additional information is available at the choir’s website.   The Bach Choir of Bethlehem performances are often recorded for re-broadcast via PBS Radio.  If they will be doing this for the performance, I will repost an update here.

Happy Christmas Music to All!

Holly N Ivy/Diane

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Re:New Christmas Chorale

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The Christmas concert at which "Sleep Well, Thou Child of God" was performed will be re-broadcast Christmas Eve at 8 p.m. on WWFM out of NJ. You can listen online at Lots of carols from across the centuries. Familiar and not-so-familiar carols. This sold-out event was well received by all in attendance, and now the Yule Log community can "attend." Enjoy, and happy holidays to everyone.

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