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Date Posted:12/24/2009 03:38:55Copy HTML

The iconic and immortal Music Of Christmas album was first released in 1954.  At that time, record companies released both full LPs and 45 EPs of new albums.  The 45 EP would contain four tracks from the LP.  Everyone didn't own a hi-fi then.  We had a 45 RPM player which was plugged in to our TV.  Our first hi-fi didn't arrive until Christmas 1957, a portable with a four-speed record changer.  

My mother purchased Music Of Christmas on a 45 EP probably when it was first released.  I hope my memory serves me correctly as these are what I believe the four tracks on the EP were.

Side A: The First Noel; It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
Side B: O Holy Night; Silent Night

The cover art work was the one with a father dressed as Santa Claus cradling his sleeping daughter in his arms.  I used to think he was the real Santa Claus! 

That 45 EP is long gone, but today I have the full Music Of Christmas album on CD.  Every time I listen to it, wonderful childhood memories are rekindled.

Do correct me if I got the track selections wrong!

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Re:Music Of Christmas 45 EP

Date Posted:12/31/2009 07:57:55Copy HTML

Hi Log_Fan:
Check on eBay: I recently saw the 4 track EP for sale with the original 1954 cover - it would be a neat collector's items for sure!
Happy Holidays!
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Re:Music Of Christmas 45 EP

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Here is a picture of my copy of the original 1954 Music Of Christmas EP 45 that I have in my archives (Columbia Records catalog #B-453). It has a total of 8 songs on it: Joy To The World, Silent Night, Deck The Halls, Hark The Herald Angels Sing, O Come All Ye Faithful, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, O Holy Night and The First Noel.

*Edit: Please note that this is a 2-disc set that includes two 45-rpm records (4 songs on each disc).

Lawrence F. "Chip" Arcuri Owner/Webmaster | The Yule
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Re:Music Of Christmas 45 EP

Date Posted:01/04/2010 11:03:54Copy HTML

That cover looks familiar, but I don't recall having Music of Christmas on a two-disc set containing two 45 RPM EPs.  The edition we had was a single disc containing four tracks.  The upper half of the cover was yellow, not red.  The artwork is unmistakable.

I never knew Music of Christmas was available as a two-disc set.
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