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Date Posted:12/25/2019 08:31:45Copy HTML

Merry/Happy Christmas to all !

In between the new agey stuff , Music Choice is playing classic instrumental Christmas songs. Just the way we like it.

Enjoy !

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Re:MC Music Choice Easy Listening

Date Posted:12/26/2019 04:47:35Copy HTML

Music Choice until a few years ago featured "Sounds Of The Season" that played the classic instrumentals along with vocals by the likes of Nat, Frank, Bing and Perry.  Then they modernized it and relegated the Christmas classics to a phone app.  I got that app, but rarely use it.  Have they changed their approach on TV?

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Re:MC Music Choice Easy Listening

Date Posted:04/30/2020 05:54:06Copy HTML

At least what I saw last season, it still had a lot of the classics, although there were a lot less instrumentals.
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