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Date Posted:01/02/2021 11:50:47Copy HTML

Happy New Year to all. 

I found an old post here about discussing issue dates of LSS albums, so I thought I'd ask the experts here - can anyone point me to information on who actually did the chorale and orchestral recordings? Specifically I am interested in albums called Christmas at the Fireside, and the Sweet Voices of Christmas, which I grew up with and are very special to my family (early to mid 60's I believe).  Fireside in particular is very tastefully done and features (IMO) high quality arrangements on par with many of the great Yule Log tracks (I've bought other LSS recordings which that were sub-par, but this one truly shines).  

I've only turned up two leads in searching the internet: A comment in a review stated that Robert Farnon may have directed/arranged the Fireside recordings (no evidence/source was cited). Then last year a video I posted to facebook with the album playing in the background got flagged because FB thought it was a Robert Shaw Chorale recording. I have some of of Shaw's Christmas albums and I don't hear anything identical to Fireside. 

Complicating matters, I know they mixed, matched and reused recordings all over the place (LSS was a marketing group rather than an actual orchestra, and the music was either purchased or outsourced) so these collections could have been from multiple sessions/arrangers. But I do hear a lot of similarities in the vocalists and arrangements that make me think Fireside was from 1 or 2 sessions from from very good groups/directors.   Sweet Voices is a Childrens choir, so that is definitely a different group - still very good though.  

Any info or resources much appreciated. Thanks, 


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Re:Longines Symphonette Society (Revisited)

Date Posted:01/06/2021 08:22:21Copy HTML

Yes Steve, information about the LSS recordings is indeed scarce. However, the most renowned LSS recording ever made by far was the one done by the great Mantovani in 1972 entitled, Christmas Eve Favorites. How they managed to sign a great maestro like Mantovani to arrange and conduct this album, I'll never know. The album resides in the 3rd Tier of my Top 500, coming in at #287 (click here).

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