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Date Posted:01/04/2017 04:01:20Copy HTML

Does anyone know why the artwork was altered for these two copies of Jo Stafford's Happy Holidays: I Love The Winter Weather CD compilation? I purchased them about a decade apart (the older copy has a black CD tray and the newer copy has a white CD tray) and both bear the catalogue number: COR-114CD.

As you can clearly see, the colors on the front cover of the newer copy (white CD tray) have shifted to a much darker tone (most noticeable in the green drapes) and there's no red in the title or Jo's name. On the back cover, the Corinthian web site address is absent on the newer copy (bottom jewel case), and the artwork printed on the CD itself is different - there's no white line beneath Paul Weston's name and the Corinthian logo is just gone!

I know I'm getting a little lost in the details here. After all, the music is what matters and it is sublime! However, I find it strange that the differences in these two copies of Happy Holidays: I Love The Winter Weather exist at all. If both CDs were issued by the same label, shouldn't they look identical? They're so similar it's like one of those newspaper/magazine games: can you spot the differences in these two photographs?

Can you offer any insight, Chip?
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Re:Jo Stafford's HAPPY HOLIDAYS: I LOVE THE WINTER WEATHER Corinthian CD Differences

Date Posted:01/04/2017 10:40:00Copy HTML

No Peter, I can't. It's hard to explain the crazy things these record companies do now and then. Personally, I think they spoiled the cover artwork with their injudicious changes.

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