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Knowing your expansive, vast collection of holiday music, I often wondered about a few things that I'd like to ask you, if that's okay?

1. What record or album DON"T you have in your collection (if there are any) that you are still searching for?

2. What was/were the most difficult records or albums to find over the years?

3. In your opinion, as a collector, what are some of the rarest holiday records or albums?

4. What were some of the earliest records or albums you can recall buying and where did you usually buy holiday music? Here in NJ I always thought places like Korvettes, S. Klein, Grants, Two Guys, Great Eastern, Valley Fair, Bradlees, and especially Woolworths (Menlo Park Mall specifically) had the best selections, even if a lot of them were discounted cut-out stock or re-issues.

 Thanks Chip!


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Re:Holiday record collecting

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After 43 years of collecting, thankfully, there aren't any records that I am still searching for--thank god!

The most rare and/or difficult to find album was the original 1957 release of The Jack Halloran Singers Christmas Is A-Comin' LP, which was only in print for two years before being reissued by Dot Records in 1959 as The Little Drummer Boy. The most rare 45-rpm single was The Singing Angels "Christmas Is Christmas All Over The World," which was released in 1973 in a very limited edition. By the way, this record by The Singing Angels is the only record--LP or 45--that I have never seen a second copy of.

Some of the earliest records that I ever bought were the Goodyear and Grants compilation albums. And the stores that I shopped at for my Christmas records were the exact same stores that you alluded to in your post.

Lawrence F. "Chip" Arcuri Owner/Webmaster | The Yule
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Re:Holiday record collecting

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Thanks Chip. I was going to ask you another question but I saw that you had answered it already (the reason for my edit).
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