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Date Posted:01/16/2019 12:25:51Copy HTML

After 52 years, Fairfield Garden center on Rte 46 will be joining Fountains of wayne and going out of business! Jodi's florist center will be closing,also.
Anyone from the northern NJ area knows this was the best place to go for Christmas decorations, gardening supplies, or other outdoor merchandise.
It's sad to see another old-school retailer go out of business.
Their website is
Anyone else have more information?

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Re:Fairfield Garden center is going out of business!

Date Posted:01/16/2019 04:20:33Copy HTML

Not familiar with Fairfied Garden Center, but does anyone recall Treasure Island?  I bought a Christmas tree from there when I first moved to NJ in 2003.  Treasure Island was gone about 2 years later.  Treasure Island was much like Harrow's in NY.  I bought 2 Christmas trees from Harrow's when I lived in NY.  Harrow's and Treasure Island were the go to places in NY and NJ respectively for Christmas decorations and summer furniture.  Sad to see another old line retailer go out of business.

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Re:Fairfield Garden center is going out of business!

Date Posted:01/16/2019 08:00:44Copy HTML


I know the Fernicola family and both businesses, Jody's Silk Florist (owned by John and Jody Fernicola) and Fairfield Garden Center (owned by Jim Fernicola), have gone out of business. In addition, John and Jim have sold the property. John might possibly open up another business in the future, but Jim (his brother) will probably retire. And yes, this is very sad as this was the last of the classic four Christmas stores here in the metro area to close their doors. The other three were Christmas City, Harrows and Fountains of Wayne.

By the way, I'm also acquainted with the Puleo family who owned Christmas City. In fact, in their heyday, when their manufacturing was still being done domestically in Elizabeth, N.J., my father, Louis Arcuri, used to sell them the steel they used for the center posts and branches for their trees. After they went out of business, the three brothers (Sal, Tony and Joe) went their separate ways. However, Sal and Joe remained in the Christmas business and opened up separate companies: National Tree Company by Sal; and Puleo International by Tony. Both are wholesalers; however, Sal opens his Cranford, N.J. warehouse to the public for retail sales for a limited time during the Christmas season. Marian Puleo, the matriarch, who founded the original company in 1954, was a friend and died many years ago.

As for Fountains of Wayne, before he closed his store, owner Don Winter told me that the business was actually very viable; but sadly, none of his kids were interested in keeping it going.


Treasure Island came many years after the four previously mentioned classic Christmas store retailers in my post, but it was a great store too. In fact, I had one right here in my own town. However, it only lasted a couple of years before the entire chain went under. I didn't know the owners of Treasure Island, but from what I heard, while they loved Christmas, they just weren't very good business people. It's too bad.

Lawrence F. "Chip" Arcuri Owner/Webmaster | The Yule
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Re:Fairfield Garden center is going out of business!

Date Posted:01/16/2019 11:35:03Copy HTML

Chip, your knowledge and connections are amazing! I edited my post to reflect your information.

I was there after Thanksgiving and the place was packed. They still had a group of photos posted on the wall from when Al Lewis - as Grandpa Munster, was at the store. This would be before 2006.

I remember all those other retailers. Oh well, this is another sign that I am getting old.
Thanks. J.S.P.

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Re:Fairfield Garden center is going out of business!

Date Posted:01/17/2019 02:59:57Copy HTML

 Treasure Island was great. We got our tree there in 2004 and still beautiful. A great place near me is Brock Farms in Freehold. They also have a Colts Neck location but the Freehold store is the place to go. Seasonal World near the Jackson outlets is also good  reminds me more of Harrows.
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