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Date Posted:04/22/2020 02:10:03Copy HTML

Does anyone out there have a list of all the Christmas albums that were released on the Harmony Label (Columbia Records' budget label) ?

Thanks in advance !


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Re:Christmas albums released on Columbia's Harmony label

Date Posted:05/19/2020 06:08:53Copy HTML

While I cannot give you the answer you seek directly I can get you to where the answer probably is.

If you have not gone to a sight called Both Sides Now it is a real treasure of info on various labels.     Go the post below,  click discography and go the section that has the H's and look up Harmony,   There are 7 pages worth to go thru.  But it is all Harmony releases that they know about.   So you just have to just read thru them and pick out the Christmas LPs

Steve aka OGO =Oh Great One
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