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Date Posted:07/25/2016 01:00:18Copy HTML

This 16th edition of "Chip's Tips" announces the upcoming 2016 Christmas CD releases from Real Gone Music.

This glorious new batch of Christmas CD releases for 2016 contains many albums that I have been working to get back into print for years. Some of these classic Christmas LPs have never been reissued on CD before and now make their worldwide CD debut. Several others have been previously reissued on CD, but now get a brand new remastering makeover (four of these are expanded editions with bonus tracks!). And finally, there is one big long-awaited re-release of a CD reissue that I first got released in 2009 and is finally made available again.

First, I begin with that long-awaited big re-release: it's the great Mantovani and his classic and legendary 1958 stereo re-recording of his album, Christmas Carols. The original release in 2009 was with Gordon's old Collectors' Choice Music label. This new release, on his new Real Gone Music label, finally makes this great classic available to the public once again. This, by the way, much to the chagrin of those who are currently selling sealed copies of the out-of-print 2009 CD for several hundred dollars apiece! This magnificent album is not only in the 1st Tier of my Top 500, but in my Ultra Top 10, coming in at #3.

The next group of releases I'll mention are the classic Christmas albums that I'm finally getting released on CD for the very first time. They are the albums by The Living Strings, The Living Guitars, Sammy Kaye and Jack Jones (see titles below!).

The last (but certainly not least) group of releases I'll mention are the titles that have been previously issued on CD, but now get the royal release treatment by Real Gone Music. They are the albums by Ray Conniff, Norman Luboff, Robert Shaw, Eddy Arnold, Mitch Miller and The Ventures.

So now, without further ado, is the complete list of the Real Gone Music Christmas CD releases for 2016; and under each listing is where the album ranks in my all-time Top 500:

Mantovani: Christmas Carols

*(Top 500; 1st Tier; #3)*

Ray Conniff: Christmas With Conniff, We Wish You A Merry Christmas and Here We Come A-Caroling (The Complete Columbia Christmas Recordings) (2-CD Set)

*(Top 500; 1st Tier; #7, #8 and #24, respectively)*

The Norman Luboff Choir: Christmas With The Norman Luboff Choir and Songs Of Christmas (2fer CD)

*(Top 500; 1st Tier; #9 and 2nd Tier; #142, respectively)*

The Robert Shaw Chorale: Christmas Hymns And Carols, Volume 1 (Expanded Edition)

*(Top 500; 1st Tier; #26)*

The Living Strings and The Living Guitars: The Sound Of Christmas and The Joy Of Christmas (2fer CD)

*(Top 500; 1st Tier; #33 and 2nd Tier; #162, respectively)*

Sammy Kaye: I Want To Wish You A Merry Christmas

*(Top 500; 1st Tier; #44)*

Eddy Arnold: Christmas With Eddy Arnold (The Complete RCA Christmas Recordings)

*(Top 500; 1st Tier; #53)*

Mitch Miller And The Gang: Christmas Sing Along With Mitch (Expanded Edition)

*(Top 500; 1st Tier; #55)*

Jack Jones: The Jack Jones Christmas Album

*(Top 500; 1st Tier; #105)*

The Ventures: The Ventures Christmas Album

*(Top 500; 1st Tier; #122)*

The anticipated street date for the new Real Gone Music Christmas CD releases is November 4, 2016.

Have a good rest of summer and don't forget to keep the spirit of Christmas all year through.

Lawrence F. "Chip" Arcuri Owner/Webmaster | The Yule
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