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Date Posted:08/15/2015 07:00:28Copy HTML

This 15th edition of "Chip's Tips" announces the upcoming 2015 Christmas CD releases from Real Gone Music.

But first, as I had mentioned in my previous group email, the biggest releases anticipated for this year, Fred Waring and The Pennsylvanians
' Decca Records Christmas albums 'Twas The Night Before Christmas and Christmas Time, could not be secured for release for this year. Nor was another highly anticipated release, Jack Jones' Kapp Records Christmas album, The Jack Jones Christmas Album. However, let's keep our fingers tightly crossed that we can finally get it done for next year.

Now, first and foremost on the list of Real Gone Music's Christmas CD releases for 2015 is my second Top recommendation (after the Fred Waring albums) to Gordon Anderson (Co-Founder/President of Real Gone Music) for release in 2015: John Gary's classic 1964 Christmas album, The John Gary Christmas Album. For my original earlier announcement of this album's release, along with another one of my top recommendations for 2015, The Living Voices' 1962 Christmas album The Living Voices Sing Christmas Music, click here. And for my original announcement of another two of my top recommendations for 2015, The Three Suns and George Melachrino Christmas albums, click here.

Here now is the complete list of the Real Gone Music Christmas CD releases for 2015; and under each listing is where the album ranks in my all-time Top 500:

John Gary: The John Gary Christmas Album

*(Top 500; 1st Tier; #34)*

The Three Suns: A Ding Dong Dandy Christmas

*(Top 500; 1st Tier; #93)*

The Living Voices: The Living Voices Sing Christmas Music (aka The Ralph Hunter Choir: Christmas Surprises) and The Little Drummer Boy

*(Top 500; 1st Tier; #95 and #96)*

Bobby Vinton: A Very Merry Christmas (and the Complete Epic Christmas Collection)

*(Top 500; 1st Tier; #103)*

George Melachrino: Christmas Joy

*(Top 500; 2nd Tier; #158)*

Jimmy Dean: Jimmy Dean's Christmas Card (Expanded Edition)

*(Top 500; 2nd Tier; #167)*

Lynn Anderson: The Christmas Album (Expanded Edition)

*(Top 500; 2nd Tier; #185)*

The Soulful Strings: The Magic Of Christmas

*(Top 500; Bubbling Under; #479)*

In addition, the three following Christmas compilation CDs will be released for 2015:

Johnny Mathis: The Complete Christmas Collection 1958-2000 (3-CD Set)

Glen Campbell: The Complete Capitol Christmas Recordings

Jim Nabors: The Complete Columbia Christmas Recordings

And one last 2015 release:

The 4 Seasons: The 4 Seasons Greetings (Limited Mono Mini LP Sleeve Edition)

The projected street dates for the new CDs are as follows:

John Gary: 10/9/15

The Three Suns: 10/9/15

The Living Voices: 11/6/15

Bobby Vinton: 11/6/15

George Melachrino: 10/9/15

Jimmy Dean: 11/6/15

Lynn Anderson: 11/6/15

The Soulful Strings: 10/9/15

Johnny Mathis: 11/6/15

Glen Campbell: 11/6/15

Jim Nabors: 11/6/15

The 4 Seasons: 11/6/15

Have a good rest of summer and don’t forget to keep the spirit of Christmas all year through.

Lawrence F. "Chip" Arcuri Owner/Webmaster | The Yule
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