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Date Posted:11/21/2010 08:40:04Copy HTML

Last year, I reported that Paramount had finally upgraded the picture quality of White Christmas (1954) in its Anniversary Edition DVD.  It wasn't perfect, but certainly looked better than previous editions. 

This year I'm happy to report that Paramount has finally restored the movie and released it on high-definition Blu-ray disc.  The movie looks incredible!  Sharpness and detail are wonderful (you'll see things you've never noticed before), blurry sections are gone, and the color is often eye-popping!  The Mandy number is gorgeous, with the dancers' red and green costumes breath-taking in their intensity.  The White Christmas finale has maximum impact with the main characters' red costumes dazzling the eye with both color and detail.  This version blows aways all previous editions of the film, so even if you bought the Anniversary Edition last year you owe it to yourself to finally see this movie the way it's supposed to look.

Tommy Evergreen
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