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Date Posted:11/15/2014 02:08:47Copy HTML

Everything seems to have disappeared. No color, graphics, time stamps... all of it, gone. The forum now looks completely text-based, has no spacing, and the menu font is so small that it's very hard to read.
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Re:What happened to the formatting?

Date Posted:11/15/2014 02:50:45Copy HTML

It might be something with your browser, everything is fine on my laptop using Firefox, IE and Chrome, except with Chrome, you can't see the Countdown to Christmas because of Flash, and I believe I have asked Chip about this before, and Google won't do anything to fix it because Flash is already built into Chrome, so the Countdown to Christmas doesn't work.

But with all 3 browsers, the Font style, color, background text color, hyperlinks YouTube and everything else works just fine.

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Re:What happened to the formatting?

Date Posted:12/08/2014 06:44:33Copy HTML

I'd link a screenshot somewhere of what I'm seeing, but wow... I don't even get access to the reply button on the computer this is happening on (even though I was able to start a thread). Completely confused by this. Dumping the cache changed nothing, and that's usually the solution to problems like this. AND it's happening on ANY browser I try on that PC. No problems on any other website, and that includes other aimoo forums.

Posting this from my laptop since it works fine on that.

12-08-14 @ 19:51 PM
Follow-up to above message:

And I just finally figured it out. Poking around the source code for the page, I noticed a line that said something about mobile.

The page thought I was browsing on a phone so it was showing me an extremely watered down version of the page.

In case you're curious about the nightmare I was seeing, you can view it by clicking the link.

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