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Date Posted:11/20/2012 11:59:04Copy HTML

Classic game shows would often celebrate Christmas when the time came, at least decorating their set but sometimes having little extras in the actual gameplay.  Some I liked that I can give as examples are:

- Family Feud (I remember the first Christmas celebration for the show in 1976, when GSN reran it way back when.  The set had decorations, and Richard Dawson asked if it was for Alex Trebek's birthday :-))

- Press Your luck would have little touches for the holidays, throwing in some seasonal Whammy animations.

- The Joker's Wild, in its CBS run, changed its bonus game from having Jokers and Devils to Santas and Scrooges.

- I think Card Sharks (Jim Perry) let children play the game. 

Which ones do you like?

Christmas is Christmas all over the world!
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Re:What game show Christmas episodes were your favorite?

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It seemed like all the classic game shows of the 70's had massive amounts of garland decorating the sets; they were all quite festive: Split Second, Card Sharks, (Trebek's) High Rollers, Three on a Match, even the Price is Right.  Seems like the game shows now (so few of them on network TV anyhow) don't go as classically overboard as they did 35 years ago, which is a shame.  Dave Letterman and Craig Fergusson at least have some nice Christmas decorations up at last.  Johnny Carson used to have the Tonight Show decked-out pretty well too.
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