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Date Posted:12/28/2015 07:43:27Copy HTML

I'm listening to a wonderful elevator music station from Brazil via a streaming music aggregator site called  (Yeah, I know!  What kind of name is pervii, anyway?  Oh well.)

Here's a link to where I listen it:

The problem is that the pervii playlist history has huge gaps in it, and sometimes drops every second or third song from the list.  So when I hear a tune I really enjoy, more often than not it's not on the list, so I can't find out the name of the song or the orchestra that played it.
And the link to the originating station in Brazil, is broken. 

I thought I might try crowd sourcing with you Yule Log sleuths to see if you might be able to unearth a link to the station that's playing all this gorgeous music:

Scalla Instrumental Webradio - Beautiful Music - Orchestras - Sao Paulo - Brasil

I'm hoping that they might have an accurate playlist history on their home page.

And, while I'm at it, do any of you know of an easy listening music forum?

Will in Seattle a.k.a. "Clueless"
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