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Date Posted:08/28/2018 01:45:43Copy HTML

I was wondering if anyone here who might get WPIX as a Superstation on Dish Network has had their screen ratio changed?

Being they don't give us WPIX in HD, we get it in HD format 16:9 but it gets dowenconverted to SD format 4:3  but we would still be able to see the entire screen with black bars on all 4 sides.  But with the change in screen ratio now this it cuts off about 1/5 of what we use to see.

Here are 2 images from my TV.  The first one is from Maury and I paused the screen. You can see that part of PIX 11 is cut off on the right and the screen is cut off on the left.  The pause symbol and the seconds aren't part of the normal video when watching the program.

The second image a bit blury but is from an episode of Seinfeld before Dish changed the screen ratio and you can see the entire image including the PIX 11 Logo

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