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Date Posted:11/09/2019 01:49:24Copy HTML

Hello All, I understand that Channel 11-WPIX will be showing the March of the Wooden Soldiers in BW and  color on Thanksgiving Day (in addition to the Honeymooners), does anyone know how someone outside of metro NYC can watch it (i.e. streaming via PIX app, the PIX website, on Roku, etc.).  Thanks all, happy holidays,  Christmas is Coming....Regards,  Jim in Tennessee (by way of north Jersey)

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Re:WPIX 2019 March of the Wooden Soldiers

Date Posted:11/12/2019 01:14:20Copy HTML


Currently, only selected programs are available for streaming. The only way right now to view WPIX-TV as a whole outside of the New York area is to have it as an elected affiliate -- providing, of course, that your service provider offers it to you as an option.

The folks at the station are considering a few options that might make it possible in the future to stream the network live; but unfortunately, it wouldn't be for some time.

Lawrence F. "Chip" Arcuri Owner/Webmaster | The Yule
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Re:WPIX 2019 March of the Wooden Soldiers

Date Posted:11/12/2019 02:40:48Copy HTML

Thanks as always Chip, I do own DVDs of both  BW and Color copies of the March of the Wooden Soldiers as well as everything Honeymooners...but was hoping to be able to DVR it from 'broadcast'.   Thanks for the note.  We are looking forward to the YuleLog on Christmas.   By the way,  expecting to receive the latest RealGone Christmas CDs any day now.   Recently re-read your liner notes of the Percy of Faith Music of Christmas CDs as I recreate my new playlists for a trip to NJ later this month.   Keep up the great work Chip.   We really appreciate it!   Regards,  Jim A in west Tennessee
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