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Christmas Always

Date Posted:08/15/2021 12:47:05Copy HTML


I recently came across this album on YouTube via another group and was wondering if this is something worth getting?  I don't ever remember you talking about this album.

The YouTube video shows 1957, but on eBay they have it listed as 1967  My guess, from the artwork it would be 1957

Thank you.

Christmas Isn't Just A Day In December, It's A Way Of Life. Susan
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Re:Vincent Lopez

Date Posted:08/15/2021 03:24:44Copy HTML

This great classic Christmas album not only resides in the 1st Tier of my Top 500, but in my all-time *Top 50*, where comes in at #49. It is also currently among the top albums that I'm trying to get released on CD right now through Real Gone Music. And if it wasn't for this damn pandemic, it probably would have happened last year. And yes, it was released in 1957 by Coral Records. I was acquainted with one of the singers in Mr. Lopez's band, Gerry Larson, who I met through my good friend RCA Records producer Ethel Gabriel.

Lawrence F. "Chip" Arcuri Owner/Webmaster | The Yule
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Re:Vincent Lopez

Date Posted:08/18/2021 03:27:06Copy HTML

Thank you Chip,

Yes, this pandemic has really put a damper on things everywhere.  I just hope we aren't heading for another lockdown, especially with the holidays coming.

I think that Coral Records had a lot of great Christmas Gems on their label, not to mention other genre.

Christmas Isn't Just A Day In December, It's A Way Of Life. Susan
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