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Date Posted:09/26/2012 02:13:08Copy HTML

I just hear that Andy Williams has passed away.  I am very saddened by this news as I'm sure everyone else is.  He was one of the best singers around and had many many hits.

I'm in shock right now and don't really know what else to say.

Here is a link to 1 of probably many that will be showing up mentioning his passing  Please click here.  Thank you.
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Re:Very Very Sad News about Andy Williams

Date Posted:09/26/2012 05:15:15Copy HTML

Click here for my special In The Spotlight tribute to Andy.

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Re:Very Very Sad News about Andy Williams

Date Posted:09/28/2012 01:37:39Copy HTML

Very sad indeed.  Condolences are extended to his family & friends.  It was Andy Williams that made us start going to Branson, Missouri for Christmas shows a few years back and we've been going ever since.  While, it is truly a great loss, I am glad that he does not have to be sick any more. 

We'll still be going on our planned trip this year and that includes his two Christmas shows for which we already have tickets.  Last year he went for treatment at the beginning of the Christmas season for Branson shows.  The show still had his mark all over it and was quite good.

It's weird.  The morning of the day he died, I changed my avatar to a pic I took of him 2 years ago during his Christmas show.  In fact I was creating a post on Christmas shows and the board went down (probably for maintenance) so it never got posted.  Anyway, for the last several years we got to see his Christmas show twice each trip.  We consider ourselves lucky to have been able to do that.  He was amazing.

I wish Antenna TV or ME would rerun entire Andy Williams Christmas show episodes (regular show run and specials)...or even that someone would release them on DVD.

Anyway, while it wasn't entirely unexpected, we're still in a bit of shock.  He was such a gift.
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