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Date Posted:01/11/2016 01:45:32Copy HTML

At one time i was an autograph seeker, and from time to time I still do when I get a chance....not to buy or sell but to get an in-person signature preferably on a piece of memorabilia from that person. Recently, I read about Alastair Sim rarely or hardly ever signing autographs as well as hardly any interviews. So naturally I wondered if anyone was ever lucky enough to get his autograph especially on a piece of memorabilia from Scrooge, just what the estimated value of something like that would be. Many signatures by Mr. Sim have surfaced on auction sites but their authenticity for some appears to be questionable. I almost managed to get an autograph for my VHS copy of Miracle On 34th Street from Maureen O' Hara a long time ago when she made an appearance at Macy's at Herald Square for the unveiling of the holiday windows, but I couldn't even get close, so I gave up!
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