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Motown Mike
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Date Posted:11/17/2009 01:43:05Copy HTML

Anyone else a fan of this one?

I don't know whether or not it counts as a "Christmas movie" in the usual sense of the term, but I don't particularly care.  I make a point of watching it every Christmas Eve, in a double feature with that *other* old Jimmy Stewart flick.
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Re:The Shop Around the Corner

Date Posted:11/17/2009 05:44:42Copy HTML

Aside from my ardent passion for classic Christmas music, I am also an ardent classic movie buff -- and this is one of the all-time greats.

With this movie you can't miss: it was produced and directed the great Ernst Lubitsch (a la "The Lubitsch Touch") and it stars the always wonderful Jimmy Stewart and the equally always wonderful Margaret Sullavan. It also boasts a superb supporting cast that includes Frank Morgan, Joseph Schildkraut and Felix Bressart. For anybody who hasn't seen this classic motion picture, I strongly recommend it.

And yes Mike, it is indeed considered by many to be a holiday movie; in fact, TCM (Turner Classic Movies) usually shows it every Christmas -- including this year (5am EST).

Jimmy Stewart & Margaret Sullavan in The Shop Around The Corner (1940) 

Lawrence F. "Chip" Arcuri Owner/Webmaster | The Yule
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Re:The Shop Around the Corner

Date Posted:12/20/2011 03:59:46Copy HTML

One of my favorite movies of all time -- whether you consider it a heartwarmer, a romance, a comedy, or a Christmas movie, it's just perfection.  Someone posted a thread on the IMDB Classic Film board wondering which film qualifies as the most universally beloved, and this one seemed to be the one -- the very fewest negative votes or reviews (virtually none!).

Jimmy Stewart is of course wonderful, as we expect him to be; but look at all of the other amazing performances: Margaret Sullavan is at her very most magical, forever giving off that mysterious glow that so captivated her co-stars throughout her career; Felix Bressart gives the most memorable performance of his talented career; Frank Morgan has a wonderful and wonderfully acted subplot that goes from exasperating to funny to sad to heartwarming; Joseph Schildkraut is perfectly icy as the villain of the piece, and even the two delivery boys are perfectly realized.

It's got a word-perfect script (one wonders, and I have never been able to find out, how much it owes to Miklos Laszlo's Hungarian play Parfumerie), and perfect direction under Lubitsch's inimitable, perfectionist, sparkling hand.

A most delightful, jewel-like work of art.
~ Aanel
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Re:The Shop Around the Corner

Date Posted:12/23/2011 09:14:11Copy HTML

I'm a big fan of this film as well.  Great writing, great direction, great's just spot on.  It's too bad that it seems to have fallen off the radar a bit.  Now days it seems to get more of a mention as the source material for You've Got Mail - a far inferior film, if you ask me.  I usually like to pair The Shop Around the Corner up with either of Barbara Stanwyck's great Christmas films:  Remember the Night and Christmas in Connecticut.
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Re:The Shop Around the Corner

Date Posted:01/08/2012 10:32:52Copy HTML

This has become one of my all-time favorites. 
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Re:The Shop Around the Corner

Date Posted:01/09/2012 12:18:48Copy HTML

I had so much wanted to DVR this but I had already two other things programmed and didn't know if they would be rebroadcast so I didn't want to take the chance of not getting them so I missed out on "The Shop Around the Corner"

If I had the forethought, being I have just a digital cable box in the bedroom, I could have hooked up my VCR or even connected the cable directly to the VCR being basic Cable comes with TCM in SD on channel 56 and we get about 75 channels on Basic Cable, though some are public access and infomercials.  But I would've videotaped it if I had to forethought but alas, I didn't so I will have to wait until TCM broadcasts it again as I'm sure they will.
Christmas Isn't Just A Day In December, It's A Way Of Life. Susan
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Re:The Shop Around the Corner

Date Posted:01/09/2012 02:37:01Copy HTML

Not familiar with that movie for some reason; just added it to the #1 spot in our Netflix queue.

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Re:The Shop Around the Corner

Date Posted:01/12/2012 06:21:51Copy HTML

Hmm. This thread piqued my interest. Never heard of this movie.

But it appears that TCM has it as a part of the Holiday set in their Greatest Classic Films series.

It appears in this set with Christmas In Connecticut, It Happened On Fifth Avenue and the Reginald Owen version of A Christmas Carol. For $19.99, I went for it.

01-12-12 @ 13:27 PM
Follow-up to above message:

Strike that! Amazon has the set for $10.99. I went for THAT!!

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