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Date Posted:10/29/2020 05:49:16Copy HTML

Does anyone recall "The Legend of Silent Night"?  It was a made for TV movie which aired on ABC Christmas Night, 1968.  It was narrated by Kirk Douglas and starred James Mason as Franz Gruber, the composer of "Silent Night".  It aired only once and was never seen again.  I recall watching it.  I thought it was well done.  Wonder why it never became a holiday staple.

In the 50s, "Douglas Fairbanks Presents" aka "Rheingold Theater" showed "Silent Night: The Story of the Original Christmas Carol".  It aired every year from 1954 to about 1960.  Recall watching it as a youngster.  "Douglas Fairbanks Presents" aired on NBC from 1953-57 then later in syndication.  A total of 157 episodes were filmed, 59 are missing.  "Silent Night" is probably one of them.

Neither of these lost holiday chestnuts is available on YT or DVD.  Too bad.  

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Re:The Legend of Silent Night

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I don't know if these has ever been released on video, but would guess that maybe some of the ROKU Christmas Channels might have it.  I found a few Christmas Gems on them in the past.

I found this information on IMDB:

The Legend Of Silent Night

Silent Night: The Story Of The Original Christmas Carol

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