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Date Posted:12/17/2012 05:00:33Copy HTML

Under the fine direction of conductor Hal Hastings, the Glad Singers always brought a very youthful and ebullient panache to any song they had a mind to put their hand to. And it couldn't be any clearer than on their great 1965 Christmas LP, Swing Bells. It is truly -- as billed on the album jacket -- "Christmas with a Beat."

True to their unique style, Hal Hastings and the group bring a fresh, new and imaginative approach to every one of the carols they chose to present on this excellent album. Sadly, this is yet another classic LP that has never been released on CD; and even more sadly, it is all but forgotten.

This recording is one of the privileged albums to not only reside in the 1st Tier of my
Top 500, but also in my all-time Top 50, coming in at #48. In addition, if I should ever add a 5th hour of music to the Yule Log soundtrack, a song from this fine LP would definitely be a top consideration.

For this In The Spotlight tribute, the song that I have chosen to feature is the group's infectiously catchy and captivating opening number on the LP, "Gloria" (aka "Angels We Have Heard On High").


 Click Here ~ "Gloria" (aka "Angels We Have Heard On High")

Lawrence F. "Chip" Arcuri Owner/Webmaster | The Yule
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Re:The Glad Singers: Gloria (aka Angels We Have Heard On High)

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Not only hasn't Swing Bells ever made it to CD, but as far as I know, only *one* individual song from the album has made it to CD. Astonishing, really, considering Columbia/Sony's penchant for recycling tracks from its older catalog artists into various-artists compilations.
The one song is their version of "Deck the Halls", which appears on one such compilation, a hard-to-find 1996 release called A Really Swell Christmas:

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Re:The Glad Singers: Gloria (aka Angels We Have Heard On High)

Date Posted:09/02/2017 02:34:14Copy HTML

Excellent album that I found out about thanks to your site Chip !! Found a stereo LP a few years back - that was an adventure !! It was released on Sony CD-R last fall -- a worthy purchase !!!
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