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Motown Mike

Date Posted:06/25/2014 04:04:30Copy HTML

One of my favorite actors. Mr. Wallach doesn't have much Christmas stuff in his filmography. But one notable exception is his narration of Richard Adler's musical adaptation of The Gift of the Magi, which starred Gordon McRae and Sally Ann Howes and aired as a"Hallmark Hall of Fame" special on CBS on December 9, 1958. A soundtrack album of the special, including Wallach's narration, was issued as United Artists UAL 4013 (mono)/UAS 5013 (stereo). A CD version was released on Flare Records in 2009.
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Re:RIP, Eli Wallach

Date Posted:07/04/2014 02:19:56Copy HTML

THanks!  Just grabbed the cd. I didn't see the dvd. Has one been issued?
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Re:RIP, Eli Wallach

Date Posted:07/15/2014 03:31:35Copy HTML

Unfortunately, persimmon, it doesn't appear that 1958 production has ever been issued on DVD or even on VHS. 
It's entirely possible that, along with too many other things from television's early years, it was never taped or kinescoped for posterity. :(
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