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Date Posted:09/15/2006 01:43:38Copy HTML

First of all,I hope I am not going too far off by posting something that does not have to do with the Yule Log directly. But since this subject has to do with a movie that WPIX showed,I thought it would be appropriate just the same. I'm sure we all seen at one time or another especially during the 70's and 80's The Bishop's Wife with Cary Grant on Ch.11 during the hoilidays.(a masterpiece)Does anyone know where that movie took place? Of course it had all the makings of being New York City but there was never really any positive indication to support many times as I watched it.
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Re:Question About "The Bishop's Wife"

Date Posted:09/15/2006 03:34:20Copy HTML

Juxtaposed with my passion for great Christmas music, I am also a fervent classic movie buff, and I agree with you:  

This movie is indeed a masterpiece -- a terrific movie to watch any time of the year!

I've seen the movie many times and can positively tell you that there is no reference in the story as to the setting. It was never stated in the movie's screenplay, which was written primarily by Leonardo Bercovici and Robert E. Sherwood -- that they adapted from the 1928 book written by Robert Nathan. I have never read, or for that matter ever even seen a copy of the original book, so I couldn't tell you if it's referenced there.

By the way, another great movie where the screenplay was adapted from a book written by Robert Nathan was 1948's "Portrait Of Jennie." The book was originally written in 1940, and for the 1948 movie, Leonardo Bercovici once again wrote the adaptation for the screen.

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Re:Question About "The Bishop's Wife"

Date Posted:12/09/2010 05:04:43Copy HTML

Well, it sure took long enough, but it finally came to light that the movie did in fact take place in New York. The scene in which Cary grant helps the blind man cross the street in the beginning of the movie, we see a glimpse of the name of the street up above for a few seconds....Madison Ave. !!!! Unless there is another Madison Ave somewhere (and I'm sure there is) I'm willing to bet it's the one from NYC. It's amazing how many times one can watch their favorite movies and STILL one thing or another can be missed!
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Re:Question About "The Bishop's Wife"

Date Posted:12/31/2010 04:42:28Copy HTML

According to the IMDB, [i]The Bishop's Wife[/i] was filmed in Minneapolis.
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