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Date Posted:05/16/2012 07:49:17Copy HTML

I sent a suggestion to Real Gone Music (co-founded by Gordon Anderson, formerly of Collectors' Choice Music) requesting a remaster of Percy Faith's Music of Christmas.  I almost immediately received a reply that simply says "Coming this Christmas."  This is extremely exiciting news for lovers of Christmas music!!!

Chip, have you heard about this or know any details?

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Re:Percy Faith's Music of Christmas to Be Remastered at Last!

Date Posted:05/17/2012 07:00:59Copy HTML


Please be advised that I will have an announcement to make on the message board soon. Be forewarned that I will have news that is both exhilarating and heartbreaking at the very same time. All I'm going to say right now is not to get too excited, as this announcement will be a mixed blessing.

All those on the message board, please stand by.

Edited to add the following update:

I just posted my announcement on the message board; it's filed under the 'New CD Releases' section: Click here.

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