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Notable  Mentions From The Archives (Part 2)


The Command Family Of Recording Stars – “Merry  Christmas”

Ashley Miller – “Holiday Music”

Ashley Miller – “Merry Christmas Carols With Organ And  Chimes”

The Norman Luboff Choir – “Christmasing”

A&M Recording Artists – “Something  Festive”

The Lighthouse Singers – “Christmas  Carols”

The Randolph Singers – “Christmas Carols, Volume  1”

The Randolph Singers – “Christmas Carols, Volume  2”

Ferrante And Teicher – “Adventure In  Carols”

The Deutschmeister – “Christmas Carols”

Westminster Music Boxes – “Music Boxes For  Christmas”

The Pixie Helpers – “Sing Along With Santa’s  Helpers”

The Don Les Harmonicats – “Christmas”

Dorothy Collins – “Won't You Spend Christmas With  Me”

Tex Johnson And His Six Shooters  – “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”

William Daly – “Merry Christmas Carols With Organ & Chimes”

Bob Kames – “Organ And Chimes: 15 Songs Of  Christmas”

Bob Kames – “Organ And Chimes: It’s Christmas  Time”

Bob Kames – “Organ And Chimes: Happy Holidays”

Bob Kames – “Merry Christmas From Bob Kames And The New  Hammond Organ”

Alexander Goodrich – “Christmas Organ And  Chimes”

Alexander Goodrich – “Organ And Chimes Christmas  Favorites”

The Klokken Ringers – “I Heard The Bell On Christmas  Day”

The Ray Bloch Singers  – “Golden Christmas Favorites”

The Mom And Dads – “Merry  Christmas”

The Edwin Hawkins Singers –  “Peace Is Blowin' In The Wind”

The Golden Strings – “Holiday Request Album”

Lynn  Anderson – “Home For The Holidays”

Rod McKuen – “New Carols For Christmas”

The Swingalongs – “Sing A Song Of  Christmas”

Charlie Byrd – “The Charlie Byrd Christmas  Album”
George Winston – “Winter”
Ralph Carmichael – “Christmas Spirit”
John McCutcheon – “Winter Solstice”

Joe Pass – “Six String Santa”

Denis Solee – “Christmas By  Candlelight”

Dave Brubeck – “A Dave Brubeck  Christmas”

Alfred Hause  – “Christmas Come Together”

James Last/Engelbert Humperdinck – “Christmas  Eve”

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