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Date Posted:02/07/2019 10:13:28Copy HTML

Chip: I read this ominous post on a site called Film Score Monthly Discussion Thread. It's from the soundtrack album vanity label LaLa Land Records:

"Sony Music has decided to not do deals any more with all the labels so it does throw a monkey wrench into some plans.  Hopefully things will change. We'll see."

LaLa Land Records said this announcement went out to all the third-party labels. My question: Would this affect any of the 2019 titles in the planning stages at Real Gone Music? I imagine Sony no longer wants to press CDs and turn their attention to vinyl and downloads beacuse apparently that's where the money is (at the moment anyway). Which is a shame, because, to me, CDs are a FAR superior format to vinyl and low-resolution mp3s.

A sad annoucement to be sure.

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Re:Not Good News from Sony Music

Date Posted:02/08/2019 12:48:22Copy HTML

No worries, Christopher. We're good on this end; negotiations continue as normal.

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