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Date Posted:12/26/2008 09:13:11Copy HTML

I made comments to two posts earlier this afternoon.  One was posted in the 'General' section, in reply to the 'CBS Morning Show' post.  The second was under 'Music', in reply to the question asking for an ID to a version of "Baby, It's Cold Outside", posted by JMFabiano.  After both, I received a message sating "Your post has been submitted for approval!" which I don't recall seeing previously.

Under both topics, it shows that I was the most recent person to post, but if you click on the topic, my replies do not show up.  If I got into the thread, and click on 'Reply' once again, my reply shows up in reverse order underneath, in the comments that have been previously made, but that is the only way I can see them at the present time.

Is the "Your post has been submitted for approval!" a new feature, or have I been flagged on the board for some reason, or is anyone else able to see my posts in question?  (I guess I might have an answer in a moment, when I click 'Post New Topic' after typing this.)
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Re:Newest replies not showing up

Date Posted:12/27/2008 03:57:49Copy HTML


Aimoo has managed to create yet another problem on yet another Friday afternoon just before they have left for the weekend -- and, parenthetically, when nothing can be done about it until they get back on Monday.

They have released an update to version 8.0.1 requiring that forum owners approve all messages by members before they are posted to the board.

I did not ask for this feature, nor do I want it. Unfortunately, however, I do not see where Aimoo has given me the option of turning this feature off. Therefore, until Monday, when they get back from the weekend, I will now have to proactively approve all messages on the board before they can be posted.

It never ceases to amaze me how good Aimoo is at really screwing things up.  

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