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Date Posted:11/07/2011 06:55:51Copy HTML

Thought I'd post here to let folks know about the newly released blu-ray and dvd editions of A CHRISTMAS CAROL with Alastair Sim (from VCI). I got it yesterday and took a look at it last night. Their dvd from around 2007/08 looked really nice and came with a few nice extras. In 2009, VCI then released a very nice upgrade to HD with a blu-ray release (but not 100% to the format's capabilities). Now, they've revisited the title again, have worked on the transfer more with new technology they didn't have at their disposal a few years ago and have beefed up the extras pretty significantly. The audio this time on the bd is also lossless this time around. Here's what you get:


Blu-ray Bonus Features:
-Commentary Tracks By Marcus Hearn and George Cole
-DEAD TO BEGIN WITH: The Darker Side of A Classic""- An all-new documentary exploring the films bleaker themes and how they rivaled London of the 1950's. Featuring British film historian and culturalist Sir Christopher Frayling. (25 mins)
-SCROOGE BY ANOTHER NAME: Distributing A Christmas Carol""- An all-new featurette detailing the American release of this British holiday classic. Featuring US distributor Richard Gordon. (10 mins)
-THE HUMAN BLARNEY STONE: Life and Films of Brian Desmond Hurst""-An all-new documentary chronicling the awe-inspiring life of Ireland's most prolific filmmaker. Featuring Allan Esler Smith, the great, great nephew and biographer of Hurst. (40 mins)
-A SCHOLAR S VIEW - video narrative by Fred Guida, author of A Christmas Carol and Its Adaptations (35 mins)
-SILENT DICKENS a collection of early examples of Dickens on film. (includes HD: Scrooge -1922, Bleak House 20 mins)

BONUS DVD w/ Extras:
-CAMPBELL PLAYHOUSE: A CHRISTMAS CAROL - A digitally remastered version of original 1939 radio dramatization, narrated by Orson Welles and starring Lionel Barrymore. AUDIO ONLY (54 mins)
-BIBLIOGRAPHIC ESSAY by Fred Guida (10 mins)"
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Re:New edition of A CHRISTMAS CAROL (A. Sim)

Date Posted:02/23/2012 02:05:13Copy HTML

It sucks that they didn't carry over all of the extras from the 2007 Ultimate Collector's Edition.  The 1935 version of "Scrooge" starring Seymour Hicks is available separately, so that's no big loss, but the rest would have have been nice to include.  In any case this is easily the high water mark for this film on home video.
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