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Date Posted:06/08/2013 04:01:08Copy HTML

I was at the Johnny Mathis concert last night.  He flubbed a line of the lyric in Count Your Blessings (Instead Of Sheep) but he never broke stride when he sang, "I don't know the lyrics to this song..." as if it were part of the sog.  He turned to Scott Lavender (keyboard player/conductor) and got back on track.  Song never stopped.  People loved the humor.  At the end of the song he said he'd recently recorded it for new Christmas album this year.  Just looked on his facebook page and he confirms it here:

Woo hoo!  That may mean some new Christmas songs when we see him in November!!!

Now I need to make sure I have all the LP cover variations.  Has anyone seen any non-English LP covers of his Christmas LPs?
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