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Date Posted:12/31/2009 08:11:14Copy HTML

I can hardly contain my excitement! 
I was able to obtain a new, never-played, 7-1/2IPS, mint, still sealed in the original plastic bag: 50-year old Columbia Records reel to reel tape of Music of Christmas from an old employee of Columbia Records.
With great anticipation, like a kid at Christmas, I played the tape on the deck last night and I was floored at the high-end frequency response, even with these old damaged ears of mine, it is light-years better than the 1980's CD that was released!  It has treble! (maybe even too much high end).  As far as tape hiss: my ears are too shot from years of headphone use to hear tape hiss anymore, so I couldn't detect any, nor did my digital VU meter show anything between tracks!
Tape was in incredible condition: only one drop-out and only one slight reduction in volume in the left channel for 10 seconds of just one song.  "Print-thru" was not noticeable except just before "Joy to the World" came a blasting, you could hear it softly one tape revolution in advance.

If my consumer-grade (7-1/2IPS) tape sounds this great, I could only dream what Columbia could do with the original 3-track masters.

Anyhow, my mission remains to pester Columbia/Legacy and/or CCM to remaster and release the ultimate Christmas LP: Music of Christmas from Percy Faith.

A very Happy New Year to everyone!
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Re:Music of Christmas Tape Found! The Rosetta Stone!

Date Posted:01/02/2010 09:22:22Copy HTML

Nice find!!
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Re:Music of Christmas Tape Found! The Rosetta Stone!

Date Posted:09/01/2010 10:34:44Copy HTML

Johnny, if you ever transfer your tape to CD I would sure like to get a copy.  I love this album so much, but Sony's indifference to its poor sound quality irritates me no end.  I have pestered them for years to remaster this classic album and have never even received the courtesy of a reply.

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