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Date Posted:09/26/2013 07:50:12Copy HTML

Now that the weather has changed out here in Seattle, I'm already lining up my Halloween and Christmas movies.

I don't watch movies during the summer months because it stays light until after nine at this latitude and for some reason I feel like it has to be dark to watch a movie.  And since I'm usually in bed by nine these days, that doesn't leave me any movie watching time until the dark days of winter beset us.

I have to confess that the Christmas movie I'm most looking forward to this year is a guilty pleasure I stumbled across in the Spanish language section at the local library years ago.  I've watched it every year ever since, and finally broke down and bought my own copy so I wouldn't have to worry about getting it from the library each year.

It is definitely a cheese fest and probably not to anyone's taste in this group, but for some reason I just love it.

It's on a DVD under the title: 

Las Travesuras Navideñas de Manolito Gafotas

I think it was originally released as something like "Manolito Ser Jefe."

I wouldn't encourage any of you to go out and buy it unless you have a high risk tolerance.  Here's a sample review from the web site:

  • "I bought this for my classroom because it was described as a Home Alone in Spanish. The movie is unwatchable. It isn't funny or cute. Don't waste your money."

Heh, heh, heh.  See what I mean?

I know!  There's no accounting for taste; right?

So, that's the movie I'm most looking forward to watching this season.

How about you?

Will in Seattle a.k.a. "Clueless"
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Re:Movie you are most looking forward to this year?

Date Posted:12/07/2013 12:31:37Copy HTML

"Saving Mr. Banks." The saga of the truth behind how Mary Poppins made it to Disney, and then into the classic film, is supposed to be true-to-source. (We'll see.) I've always considered Mary Poppins to be a rather appropriate movie for the holiday-season (it must be "Chim Chiminey" and seeing all those silhouetted fireplaces, and hearing "Feed The Birds"!); and Disney must've agreed with me; as they're finally releasing Poppins on blu-ray here in a few days to celebrate its 50th Anniversary, with I hear ... tickets to the new film ... attached to the cardboard-sleeves! So if one buys Mary on blu, they'll get to see the TRUTH behind how it got made ... for FREE! And anything for FREE at Christmas is always a plus! But I hear it's not quite a film for kids, perhaps because of its rather odd-rating for a Disney-branded title that's yielding-of-story lent itself to a G-rated classic; PG-13.

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