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Date Posted:11/11/2017 01:44:06Copy HTML

 Does anyone know if the 2016 Real Gone edition of Mantovani's Christmas Carols any different than the 2009 Collector's Choice CD? The track listing looks exactly the same. Is the 2016 version remastered?
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Re:Mantovani Christmas Carols - Real Gone CD

Date Posted:11/11/2017 04:49:26Copy HTML

Hello Rich,

I have both versions of this masterpiece by Mantovani, and I believe that Chip in a previous post a while back verified that the same exact remaster was used by Collectors Choice and Real Gone Music for both releases. Remember that Collector's Choice was Gordon Anderson's old company before he started Real Gone Music. By the way, the remastering is beautiful on this classic.  If you were lucky enough to purchase RGM's new expanded version of Music Of Christmas and appreciate the fantastic and magnificent remaster that Vic Anesini did with that one by the one and only Percy Faith, you will love this indispensable classic.

Now the artwork is slightly different as the RGM 2016 version is superior and more accurately reflects the original London Stereophonic labeling across the top of the front of the cover and it has the FFSS labeling on the CD itself and it also fixed the color of the Christmas bulb with the angel from red to the original gold as seen on the front cover as well. Small details, but to serious collectors like Chip and I, important ones.

I hope this helps, either way you can't go wrong, but I prefer the newer version from RGM.

Best regards,

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Re:Mantovani Christmas Carols - Real Gone CD

Date Posted:11/12/2017 07:25:59Copy HTML

All correct, Steve.

The only thing that I was grievously unhappy about is that on this release UMG led Gordon into temptation, so to speak. This was because the UMG project sheets erroneously showed that the original release date for the re-recorded stereo LP was 1959, when in fact it was 1958. And because of this, Gordon went ahead and changed the release date on the CD booklet and in the liner notes from 1958 to 1959 without checking with me first.

This was a quintessential example of how you can't always trust what the record companies tell you. And it'
s happened before where the record companies have gotten something wrong about one of their own albums. This, however, was probably most egregious example of this.

I sent Gordon proof (not that he needed it) of the 1958 date by sending him a link to a Billboard article from November 10, 1958, announcing the new release for that year and stating that the re-recording sessions took place in late August.

Lawrence F. "Chip" Arcuri Owner/Webmaster | The Yule
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Re:Mantovani Christmas Carols - Real Gone CD

Date Posted:10/17/2018 05:57:49Copy HTML

Well,at least they'd gotten the Lp label Repro right.

Michael Boyce
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