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Date Posted:03/20/2013 02:27:55Copy HTML

I don't know how long this has been running, but on their home page Legacy Recordings (reissue wing of Sony/Columbia/RCA Records) is actively seeking recommendations for rare or out-of-print recordings to be released as digital downloads--if they get enough votes.  The link is Legacy Recordings Vault (I had to click on a scrolling Tweet that was talking about this).  Perhaps a more direct way would be to just Google it. 
I have been requesting a remaster of Percy Faith's Music of Christmas, so it was already on the list with 3 votes. Please go to the website to add your votes to this--and any other Christmas album you would like to see released from the Columbia/RCA vaults.  Besides just voting you can also add your comments, but you have to register first.  

Our efforts may not pay off, but it won't hurt to try.  Unless I'm mistaken, the STEREO Music of Christmas was not printed this past Christmas season--probably so it wouldn't be in competition with Real Gone's Music of Christmas compilation.  Maybe there's a possibility that after this "break" Legacy will finally put a remastered version out there--if only in a digital download.  While I would much rather have a CD, I'll take what I can get.

Tommy Evergreen
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Re:Legacy Recordings Taking Votes for Downloads

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There was no pledge by Sony Music to Gordon Anderson last year not to print CD copies of the 1959 stereo recording of Percy Faith's Music Of Christmas. Sony would never make such a pledge.

As for Sony making available a properly remastered version of the 1959 stereo recording for download, my feeling is that if in all these years they wouldn't offer one on CD, I find it unlikely that they would take the time and money to do it for a download, but you never know. However, if it did come to pass, it would sadly forever preclude the release of a properly remastered version on CD.

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