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snow miser
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Date Posted:11/14/2020 06:50:47Copy HTML

Hi Chip,

Hope all is well.

Wanted to get your thoughts on the Kathleen Battle album, "A Christmas Celebration" with Leonard Slatkin conducting.  I was hearing this album today and I said WOW.  This is celestial.  The orchestrations are great and of course Kathleen's voice is angelic.  This album is under the radar for sure.  Greetings!

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Re:Kathleen Battle - A Christmas Celebration

Date Posted:11/14/2020 09:03:46Copy HTML

It's nice Graig, but the female operatic singing Christmas album that is my favorite and that I've been trying to get back in print and a first-time ever release on CD is the great contralto Marian Anderson's 1962 Christmas album, Christmas Carols. Gordon actually approved the project for this year and if it wasn't for the denial by Sony Music because of the pandemic, we would have released it this month.

This classic and underrated and, unfortunately today, little remembered Christmas album by Ms. Anderson resides in the 2nd Tier of my Top 500, coming in at #134 (click here).

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