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Date Posted:07/07/2014 11:51:29Copy HTML

If you would like o get in the Christmas mood a little early; The Hallmark Channel is doing a "Christmas Premiere" all this week! Sort of a "Christmas in July" celebration! I believe it started on July 4th and runs thru Sunday, July 13!

It also looks like their "Countdown to Christmas" will start on October 31st this year! That is a bit earlier than last year!
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Re:Hallmark Channel Julu 4 thru 13

Date Posted:07/10/2014 02:37:10Copy HTML

With all the movies to already watch at the end of the season, I never had time for Hallmark's non-stop stream of holiday films. This gave my wife and I a chance to actually sit down and watch some of them. For a while I've always joked that Hallmark's Christmas fare was better categorized as, "A mishmash of contemporary romance movies that happen to take place in December," but we've been pleasantly surprised with what we've seen so far. What it lacks in stereotypical Hollywood larger-than-life sensationalism, it makes up for by being incredibly down to Earth. It's a very nice change of pace.
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