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Date Posted:12/04/2020 04:39:23Copy HTML

Hi, I became intrigued by the original yule log fireplace (from the Gracie Mansion 1966 film) and wondered if it still looked the same. It seems the answer is yes (in the yellow room)  and the andirons are still in the house but have been moved to a different fireplace (in the blue room). I put some photo evidence below, and in this facebook post. If anyone has better info, I'd love to hear it.

Some related questions: 

-In both the '66 and '70 films, the stockings are not centered, and there there is a doll hanging over the fireplace. Both seem like curious choices, does anyone know the reasons? 

-I can't find any info on the exact location in CA of the 1970 fireplace. Anyone know, and if it still exists? 

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Re:Fireplace from 1966 film.

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We have never been able to find the exact location of the 1970 California re-shoot; but we believe it was in the city of Palo Alto.

As for the stockings and doll, the ones used on the original 1966 Gracie Mansion fireplace probably belonged to Mayor Lindsay's kids. When WPIX did the 1970 re-shoot, they tried to duplicate the original ones used as close as they could; but they used a much nicer doll as the original one was hideous.

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Re:Fireplace from 1966 film.

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Oops!  Don't know how that happened butI posted in the wrong topic.  So I've removed the text of my post and reposted it in the correct topic:  Christmas recordings from the acoustic era of soun ...

My apologies,

Will in Seattle a.k.a. "Clueless"
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Re:Fireplace from 1966 film.

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I haven't listened to the full 8-hours yet, but did have this playing a few different times for at least 3 hours and I didn't notice the music repeating.  I did just go to the video and clicked at about 90 minutes in and the songs were different.  Also clicking ahead to different spots, I didn't hear anything that was the same.

At 1:34  Brazilian Sleigh Ride  plays followed by Here comes Santa Claus and then about 5:43, it does repeat, but skipping ahead to just before the 3 hour mark the songs are different and also through out the rest of the tape, from what I can see.

{EDITED Because I had reversed the two times I had mentioned}

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