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Date Posted:08/04/2009 02:05:03Copy HTML

Dear members,

If you need to make any same-day changes (adding, altering, or deleting  something) to a message that you have posted which is currently the last (most recent) post on a thread, please use the edit feature and do not double-post.

Double-posting is when a board member files two consecutive (back-to-back) posts on an existing thread in the same calendar day, which, in essence, is tantamount to answering their own  post. Because this is one of the few message boards that has an edit  feature (which is located in the "Actions" dropdown box at the top-left  of each post), I ask members that if they want to add, change or delete something on a post that they have filed which has not yet been replied to in the same calendar day, to please just edit your existing post.

Double or consecutive posting by the same member is perfectly fine as long as each consecutive post is at least one calendar day subsequent to their prior post.

By the way, if anyone is wondering why this is so important, please remember that email notifications are sent out to members who have  subscribed to a thread each time a post is filed on that thread. Therefore this policy not only reduces superfluous emails, but  superfluous posts on the board as well.

Lawrence F. "Chip" Arcuri Owner/Webmaster | The Yule
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