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Date Posted:10/02/2020 08:57:27Copy HTML

Two FM stations, WWIZ Middlesex, PA/Youngstown, OH and WWRW in Mt. Sterling/Lexington, KY have already made the flip to Christmas music.  WWIZ made the switch one week ago (9/25).  WWRW flipped yesterday (10/1).  Most major market stations probably won't make the switch until mid-November at the earliest.

This year, we don't need a little Christmas!  We need a lot of Christmas!

RazzleberryDressing Share to: Facebook Twitter MSN linkedin google yahoo #1
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Re:Christmas music begins!

Date Posted:10/04/2020 11:20:21Copy HTML

That's great news!  I wonder when WTLW in New York will do the switchover to Christmas music this year.

From your other thread titled 'Christmas In March', do you happen to know how long KEZK played Christmas music after it started in March, to lift spirits during the pandemic?

Christmas1964 Share to: Facebook Twitter MSN linkedin google yahoo #2
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Re:Christmas music begins!

Date Posted:10/06/2020 09:49:44Copy HTML

Thank you for the head's up!! 


log_fan Share to: Facebook Twitter MSN linkedin google yahoo #3
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Re:Christmas music begins!

Date Posted:10/08/2020 04:59:09Copy HTML

Razzleberry, I'm not sure how long KEZK St. Louis played Christmas music back in the spring.  I'd guess about 3 or 4 weeks. 

Another FM station has made the early move to Christmas music.  WVEZ Louisville, KY (106.9 Play) made the flip earlier this week.  A spokesperson for the station commented, "We aren't rushing the season, we're rushing the end of 2020!"  Couldn't have said it better!

Here's the WVEZ link:
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