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Date Posted:11/08/2016 04:21:09Copy HTML

Does anyone recall a cartoon from the 1970s called CHRISTMAS IS...? It was about a young boy named Benjy who was picked to be in a Christmas play at school or in church but didn't want to. One day (or night) he had a dream that he went back in time with his dog to witness the nativity. When he woke up he had a different opinion and better appreciation about being in the play. I remember they used to show this cartoon right before the Santa Claus parade from Hollywood on one of the local stations here in the NY metro area - either WNEW, WPIX, or WOR.
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Re:Christmas Is.....

Date Posted:11/12/2016 12:16:39Copy HTML

I remember watching the Santa Claus Parade from Hollywood as a child, and even though I would read through TV Guide every week, and circle all of the Christmas specials to remind myself to watch them, I don't recall this one.  I remember many of the "lesser-known" ones, such as 'Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus', 'The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas', and 'Santa and the Three Bears', this one somehow escaped me.  Do you know the latest possible year you might have seen it?
In any case, of course, someone has uploaded it to YouTube:

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Re:Christmas Is.....

Date Posted:11/13/2016 06:45:26Copy HTML

I tried but I couldn't find it on YouTube. Thanks!

Yeah, it must have been a pretty obscure Christmas show....Everyone I've ever mentioned it to doesn't recall ever seeing it either. The last year I definitely remember watching it on TV was on a Saturday afternoon in late November 1975. My sister reminded me that we originally saw it at an extended Saturday afternoon "holiday" children's matinee around 1973. It was shown between SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS and THE CHRISTMAS THAT ALMOST WASN'T.

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Re:Christmas Is.....

Date Posted:10/21/2018 04:50:15Copy HTML

The Christmas Is.... special was produced in 1970 by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. 

Four years later they produced another Christmas special featuring the same characters, called The City That Forgot About Chistmas,  as well as an Easter special called Easter Is. Both of these have also been uploaded to YouTube.
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