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Date Posted:08/18/2019 08:05:40Copy HTML

Hi everyone...been away from the message board for a while but I haven't forgot anyone here. Hope everyone has been having a wonderful 2019 summer season and getting their letters all set to go to Santa! Here;s something I'm sure some folks here would wonder the movie Scrooge( A Christmas Carol) with Alastair Sim, the scene where he sends the young boy to buy the turkey at the butcher. "Come back WITH the butcher and I'll give you a Shilling....come back within less than 5 minutes and I'll give you half -crown"....even with the invention of Google, I still can't locate the value or the equivalent of these monetary units in American money. To the best of my knowledge it was never made quite clear what year the story took place....does anyone have an idea what these U.K. monetary units were worth then(or now) in American dollars? Are they still in use? Or has everything been converted to Euros only?

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Re:British Currency

Date Posted:08/19/2019 02:46:58Copy HTML

The old British currency system ended in 1971. I don't know the conversion rates, but here is a list of the denominations:


Halfpenny (aka a "Ha’penny")

Penny (multiple is "Pence")

Threepence (aka a "Thruppence")

Sixpence (aka a "Tanner")

Schilling (aka a "Bob")








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Re:British Currency

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Its really difficult to figure out how much the money was back then but you can get a clue to is "worth".   There are 5 shillings to a crown,  so a 1/2 crown is 2.5 shillings.   In the book Bob Cratchit's salary was 15 shillings a week and he worked 60 hours a week so he got 1/4 of a  shilling an hour as a bookkeeper.   So the kid was getting the equivalent  of 4 hours work (10 hours of work if quick)  for a bookkeeper.   If as a wild guess a bookkeeper today gets $30 an hour,  then the kid was getting $120 dollars  to $300 in todays money. 
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