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Date Posted:01/02/2021 04:43:42Copy HTML


Have you ever been approached or suggested a cd compilation of the music used in the Yule Log broadcast? I'm sure that it would be a licensing nightmare and would have to be a multi-disc set even if it just covered the original three hours. Perhaps a one cd 'best of'? I'm sure that some selections would have to be needle drops like The Singing Angels.

But has it ever been discussed??? I think THAT would be the ultimate Christmas music selections. :-)

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Re:A Yule Log collection put together by Chip?

Date Posted:01/02/2021 09:05:10Copy HTML

Yes Gene, and I've talked about it previously on the board before in the past.

Years ago I worked with the legal department at the station to explore the possibility of releasing the program on home video, as well as releasing a CD set of the soundtrack. But the problem was (and still is) the costs of licensing the music. It's just too prohibitive. So, sadly, it's unlikely that the broadcast will ever be released on home video or CD.

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Re:A Yule Log collection put together by Chip?

Date Posted:01/13/2021 01:27:55Copy HTML

Well that's a shame and now that you mention it, I do recall you speaking about it here.

I hope that if it does ever come to pass that they at least have the smarts to ask you to compile it.
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