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Date Posted:12/25/2020 11:51:10Copy HTML

Mentioned long ago where I live I only can get TV on Directv and none of their offerings have Antenna TV

So I have a roof antenna and get some over the air depending on antenna pointing and weather.

This is Christmas AM and having no young kids in the house we are no longer obligated to get up at 5am.

However this morning my system just did it naturally and I am all alone wandering around.

My mind said wait what about the Yule Log,   went searching, spinning my antenna and

got a great version of it on Antenna TV on a channel that did not used to carry it. Whoopee.

Steve aka OGO =Oh Great One
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Re:A Chirstmas Treat

Date Posted:12/26/2020 05:23:54Copy HTML

Good for you, Steve!

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