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Date Posted:02/14/2012 07:21:46Copy HTML

My Dad has this TV special taped on VHS called "A Bing Crosby Christmas: Like the Ones We Used to Know."  Does anyone know when this originally aired?  I'm assuming it has to be from sometime between 1978 and 1985 based on the age of the tape and the other stuff that's recorded on it.  I'd love to know the exact date, though.
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Re:A Bing Crosby Christmas

Date Posted:02/22/2012 06:14:15Copy HTML

If this is the special hosted by Kathryn Crosby and Gene Kelly . . .

. . . and if you can believe the source (available here,) it first aired around 1979.  Another "internet" source listed here under post #11 also shows that it aired in 1979.  There is yet another web page here that also shows it aired in 1979.  Not really an exact date, but at least it puts in in the ballpark.

I wouldn't stake my life on any of these sources by any means, but it appears that 1979 is within your speculative time frame.  An educated guess would be sometime in late November or December 1979.

Too bad that TV Guide didn't scan all of their old listings from back then, eh?

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Re:A Bing Crosby Christmas

Date Posted:02/23/2012 04:24:01Copy HTML

I did find on hit from another magazine   Weekly World News   Dec 12-18 1981

There are the TV listings showing this show on NBC   Monday Dec 14, 1981   9 pm.

The bad news is that does not prove it was the first or the only showing,   just that it was shown in 1981
I got no other hits though.

look HERE
Steve aka OGO =Oh Great One
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Re:A Bing Crosby Christmas

Date Posted:02/23/2012 01:58:09Copy HTML

Thanks for the help.  It really is a shame that TV Guide doesn't maintain a database with all their old issues.  I know there are people who collect them...too bad nobody has undertaken the project.  That would be a terrific resource.
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