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Date Posted:11/18/2020 05:00:08Copy HTML


          Here is the official 2020 national Antenna TV broadcast schedule for the ORIGINAL WPIX Yule Log!

          It will include the Fourth and Fifth hours that I added to the program in 2009 and 2016, respectively.


(EST) / 4am-9am (CST) / 3am-8am (MST) / 2am-7am (PST)

(For the Antenna TV channel number in your area, check for your local cable provider by
Clicking Here.)

Note: For the Local Yule Log affiliate schedule, please Click Here.


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Re:2020 Yule Log Broadcast Schedule (National Coverage)

Date Posted:11/18/2020 08:16:01Copy HTML


In doing the Antenna TV affiliate search, I just found out that we get Antenna-TV in Burlington, VT on our WFFF TV Fox affiliate on 44.4.  Unfortunately I am not able to pick this station up where I live being we have this very high hill  too small to call a mountain lol, but it is mostly a rock core and is between where I live and the transmitter.  We are not allowed to have an outdoor antenna here and I cut the cord.  I do have access to Xfinity on my tablet using my sisters account, but if I am not on her wi-fi, I can't get any of our local channels, just the other channels.  Sadly though they only give us 44.1 (FOX) 44.2 (Escape) and 44.3 (Bounce)  They haven't added 44.4 (Antenna-TV ) but again I would have to be on her wi-fi 

They are actually broadcasting on the VHF band Channel 16, but being digital, and at 13.43 kw, it is very weak compared to the 200+ kw the TV stations use to have for power output before the Digital Transition.

There are a few Streaming packages I could get such as YouTube TV or Fubo, but it ends up being more than what I was paying for cable through our housing project Bulk Account..

It is good to know for the future if I am able to move to a better location where I can pick up our local TV stations with an indoor antenna that I will be able to watch Antenna-TV

The only station I am able to get right now with an antenna is our PBS affiliate

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