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Date Posted:12/17/2011 05:45:14Copy HTML

Chip and Everyone,

Happy Week before The Yule Log!  

Just a quick note to let you know...Last night while watching WPIX 11 NY,  they ran an ad for The Yule Log. It included the time slot, and the recognized the sponsor as Raymour and Flannagan Furniture. 

I will be attending Christmas Eve Mass so that I can watch The Yule Log.  If for some reason I have to step out Christmas Morning, I will be sure to leave the tv on The Yule Log with the volume turned down. My part in keeping those Nielsen Ratings strong.

WOOOOTT!!! It's "Yule Log Time" 

Overture, Curtains, Lights....This is it, you'll hit the heights.  And oh what heights we'll hit...On with the show this is it!!!

My Heartfelt Christmas Wishes to you all!
Holly N Ivy
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