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Date Posted:11/06/2016 02:18:37Copy HTML

Hi all and happy start to the holiday season

It has been a few years since I inquired about this song, which may or may not be a holiday song, but sounds like it is.  If there is anyone here that may be able to identify it or give me some direction on where to look, I would be very appreciative. This is the last song to complete my re-master of a reel-to-reel compilation my parents and grandparents put together 30 some years ago.  It sounds like it was sampled from a record as you can hear some record pops.

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Re:Help with song

Date Posted:11/06/2016 03:02:57Copy HTML

I tried Sound Search for Google Play, and though it isn't the same beat, it came up with "Bruckner -Symphony No. 7 In E Major - 1 Allegro"  Wiener Philharmoniker
I can't say for sure that this is the same song, but it does sound somewhat close, just slower.

Hope this is helpful
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